Towards a more responsible gaming policy

Curacao is paving the way towards a more innovative regulatory framework in the online gaming industry, as part of a wider process to modernize the gaming legislation in the country.

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Generating sustainable economic development from the online gaming Industry 

Javier Silvania, LLM, MSc.

Minister of Finance Curacao

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Our Vision

Building a Solid Foundation 

Our new online gaming policy is not only replacing an obsolete law, but creating a world-class legal framework that benefit of all stakeholders. Our new gaming policy is based on three principles:


We take responsible gaming seriously. Our policy is far-reaching, promoting fair and transparent gaming, safe play to consumers and protection from gambling harms. We also strive to create an environment that is free from money laundering and terrorism financing.


The rapid changing industry demands smoother processes, timely feedback and open participation by all stakeholders in order to respond to today’s realities and future challenges. We are introducing platforms and procedures aimed at creating a proactive regulation policy.


We aim to set new standards for the online gaming industry, in which transparency, integrity and efficiency are fundamental. We are also working on the digitalization of the regulatory processes to establish compliance without having unnecessary burdens on operators.