Stakeholders are crucial to the success of the new gaming policy

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the implementation of the new gaming legislation and is leading the process of revamping and renewing the gaming policy.

Gaming Control Board

The Gaming Control Board is currently the regulator of regulated gaming activities in Curaçao. It is leading the legislation process and in the future shall assume the full responsibity of online gaming activities.

Financial Investigation Unit

FIU Curaçao is the Financial Investigation Unit in the country and plays an important role in preventing international money laundering and terrorism financing.

Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten

Promotes and monitors the stability and integrity of the monetary and financial system and the safety and accessibility of payment transactions. This way they are enabling sustainable economic development in Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

Trust Service Providers

Trust service providers are licensed by the Central Bank to provide corporate services in Curaçao. They represent locally the online gaming operators from a corporate perspective.

License holders and operators

To date there are five online gaming license holders with a license based on the current online gaming legislation. A significant number of operators are operating under the licenses granted to four of these license holders. A transition process is being drafted as part of the new law so that existing operators can continue to operate unhindered once the new law comes into effect.

Service Providers

The online gaming industry depends on many service providers. The new regulations shall include a new license type for suppliers.

Government of Curaçao

The Government of Curaçao is the ultimate backer of the new gaming legislation. Since many other sectors are affected by this industry, all members of the Parliament of Curaçao are included in the policy making process.


The public is at the receiving end of this industry. Players and organizations that provide services for the protection of vulnerable persons or treatment from gambling addiction are also important stakeholders in our gaming policy.